Listening and Reading with Activities in IELTS Course in Abbotsford


Boost your level of English with these activities to practice listening and reading while taking the IELTS course in Abbotsford to get the best results in the IELTS exam.

Reading and listening skills are part of the four skills necessary to communicate in English in daily life. Therefore, the modules of the Computer Delivered IELTS exam are studied and practiced within the IELTS courses in Abbotsford to present the English test that will become one of the keys to living in an English-speaking country.

Some people have difficulties improving their reading and listening comprehension skills, which means barriers in the learning process. For this reason, we recommend you practice the following activities to boost your English language proficiency with IELTS courses to get the best results on your IELTS certificate.

IELTS Exam Listening Module Practice Activities

• The recordings for the IELTS listening test have three accents: American English, British English, and Australian English. Therefore, we recommend studying pronunciation with these three types of accents in IELTS courses.
• Deepen your vocabulary to perfectly understand listening and reading tasks to get a high IELTS score.
• Learn how to use context clues, as dictionaries are not allowed during the IELTS exam.
• Look at native English speakers and the way they express themselves. There are vocabulary words that you will learn and even expressions for words that are commonly used in conversation and that you will not find in books.
• Practice dictation in English, get an audio clip of news from the web, listen to it, write the transcript, and check it out. In IELTS courses this practice is effective for taking notes during the IELTS exam.
• Develop your listening skills with recordings and write the main ideas on mind maps or important points. Remember that one of the tasks of the IELTS Computer Based exam corresponds to taking notes.
• Have a fluid conversation with native speakers and pay attention to the answers.
• Learn to write the words through listening. In the IELTS test on a computer or on paper, if you understood the message, but did not write the details correctly, it will be marked as an incorrect answer.
• Surround yourself with English and always consume information in the language during IELTS courses in Abbotsford.
• Build a solid foundation of comprehension skills. Practice the active listening tasks in IELTS courses to become familiar with the types of questions on the IELTS Listening module test. English classes online
Practice Activities for Reading Module during IELTS Course in Abbotsford
• A strong IELTS vocabulary means an easy understanding of passages, including knowledge of some slang and word expressions.
• Look for reading material in books, internet blogs, or newspapers, consider those that use complex IELTS vocabulary.
• Change the language settings on your phone to read every notification and direction in English. In this way, you will achieve a greater immersion in the language while taking the IELTS courses in Abbotsford.
• Find a reading moment in English that keeps you productive within your daily activities.
• Practice the ability to understand a text through the scanning technique. Read the paragraphs for keywords and phrases that are also found in the questions.
• Learn to get the main ideas of a text and expect the questions to be asked to be related to the IELTS test passage on a computer or paper.
• Use context clues to understand the paragraphs just like in the listening test. Look for clues in the sentences to understand the vocabulary that is completely new to you.
• Find time to read a book: during a bus ride, at lunchtime, before bed, or as part of your morning routine. The aim is to complement the IELTS course in Abbotsford with self-study activities.

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